First mattress with european technology specialized in the intelligent improvement of the position of the body in rest in its REM phase. Weight Independence Open cell density for a maximum transpiration.
Approximate height of 30 cm. Similar effect to weightlessness. Patented system that extends, distributes and regulates the body’s pressure achieving an excellent rest. Its ventilation system, distributed through the whole core, allows a free circulation of air, enlarging the mattress’ life, avoiding sweating and dirt excesses. High resistance core with cushioning system and separation of people, which brings in the best body adaptable system.
VELOUR velvet tissue of high grammage and deluxe cushioning. Its great steadiness brings in an optimal degree of adaptability.
Reduces the electrostatic charge of the body that is produced by the accumulated touch allowing an excelent rest. Superior cover with Stretch tissue, cover-cover system, with high grammage cushioned with virgin hypoallergenic and extra soft fibres.

“Find your rest. Be Zen"
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